6 Ways To Pamper Yourself For Free

Sometimes weeks are just rough and exhausting and you don't want to spend any money, so here are 6 ways to pamper yourself at home, totally for free.

Sometimes weeks are just rough and you need to take some time to yourself. I feel like this week I have 8 million different things going on between crisscrossing the city doing interviews for work, my blogging, my freelance writing and having friends in town, plus it all needs to get done before we leave for Dubai on Friday night. I was feeling so stressed the other day about everything coming up this week, so I thought I was going to take a night to myself and treat myself and have a relaxing evening. However, I’m not made of money and I’m not a fan of spending money on stuff if I can do it at home, so I’ve compiled a list of ways you can relax, pamper yourself and feel refreshed totally for free in your home using things you probably already own.

Paint your nails

This is my favorite way to just wind down and make myself feel better. There’s no better feeling than freshly cut, filed and painted nails (in my opinion) and it is shocking how much more confident and better I feel myself when I do them. I try to keep up with my nails regularly, but that doesn’t always happen, so when I do take the time to do them I feel really great at the end. You don’t need to pay $40 for some woman to do it in a nail salon when you can sit on your sofa and relax to some music yourself.

Take a bubble bath

I don’t take enough baths and I used to hate them because it felt like I was sitting in my own filth (but I’ve remedied that by rinsing off first), but I’ve been taking baths at night more recently and man is it luxurious. Especially after a long day, just sitting in some warm water with a glass of wine can automatically make anyone feel better. It’s so calming, relaxing and soothing and I always feel so refreshed and calmer after.

Make your own face mask or scrub

Making your own face mask or scrub can be fun enough, but actually getting to use these on your face can make you feel more refreshed than you imagine. My favorite homemade face scrub consists of coffee grounds, honey and some olive oil. You just mix it all together and it makes your skin soft, supple and freshly exfoliated. It feels like along with sloughing off my dead skin I’m sloughing off my troubles too. These are some great face masks you can make as well with ingredients you almost certainly already have.

Watch a movie or TV show with your favorite drink

Sometimes after a busy day or week I don’t want to think about anything and I just want to watch something I can just relax during and not need to really follow. For some that might mean watching a show you’ve seen a thousand times like Friends, or watching your favorite romantic comedy. I love doing all of that, but I’m currently on a kick with Michael Portillo’s railway journeys- both the UK and the US show. I love it because it’s short, funny, kind of silly and I don’t need to pay super close attention to it. Typically I watch this with a glass of wine in hand wrapped up in blankets on my sofa.

Read outside

Obviously this is weather permitting, but now that it’s starting to get warm and lovely out there’s nothing more soothing than sitting down with a book out in the sunshine. I spent all of last Friday (which was a public holiday here in Germany) sitting on our balcony reading a book and it was the most calm I’ve felt in a long time.

Let yourself take a nap

I love naps, but sometimes life can feel so overwhelming that I just simply do not have the time for one, so when I do get to take one it can feel so incredibly amazing and makes me feel refreshed and always much more reenergized. Being able to just doze off mid day and wake up pleasantly can have more of an affect on your mental health than you may have thought.

Sometimes all you need is a little relaxation time to yourself, and these six ways are my ultimate go to when I want to destress. What are some of your favorite ways to pamper yourself?

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