Lazy Girl’s Guide to Save Money on Travel Bookings

These tips will teach you how to effortlessly save money on travel because what lazy girl doesn't want to save money on travel bookings with hardly any effort? These tips and tricks will make you to lift no extra fingers but give you extra money in the bank.

While there are many ways to save money on travel, like these ways to find cheap flights, there are some incredibly easy ways to save money on all of your travel bookings with hardly any extra effort. This lazy girl’s guide to save money on travel bookings will become your best friend because sometimes we want to save that extra penny but we really can’t be bothered to go out of our way to do so. (Also read up on 40 ways to save money to travel.)

With these secret tips for effortlessly saving money on your travel bookings you literally don’t have to get up or put down the wine and in my book, that is one huge win-win.

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I love TopCashback more than I love coffee (except not really because I can’t function without coffee and now talking about coffee I need coffee so… be back soon). Ok, got my (third) cup of coffee of the day. TopCashback is the most amazing and easiest way to save money on all of your travel bookings – from flights to hotels to the car rental you book while you’re there. And all you have to do is add a few more clicks to your booking process.

See a great hotel deal on Orbitz? Excellent, login to TopCashback, search Orbitz and click through. Do your search on Orbitz like you would have before and book it. Bam. You just got 7% back on your hotel.

Get money back, 7% off Orbitz screenshot, immediately save money on travel bookings

Let’s put that into perspective: You paid $200 for three nights in a hotel (they exist, I promise); you just got $14 back in your pocket for spending 23 extra seconds on your booking.

Sounds enticing doesn’t it? Of course it does, who doesn’t want to save money on hotel bookings? Easy peasy.

Also, and this has nothing to do with booking hotels, but TopCashback has these daily clue games a few times a year where they give you a clue in the form of a picture and you have to guess what the online merchant is. If you navigate to the right page, you get a hummingbird and it gives you a gift and if you get so many of the same gifts you get money! (Sort of like slot machines but more fun and you don’t lose any money.) Prizes vary from 25 cents (you know, you could buy a gumball with that) to $100.

Here’s today’s at the time of writing this:

Easy right? CLINIQUE! I get excited when I know the answer because sometimes they’re so hard I spent so much of my day thinking about it and then if I don’t figure it out I get depressed and some of them still haunt me. That’s extreme, but it is frustrating when you can’t figure them out. But when you do get one, man does it feel rewarding.

Anyway, TopCashback is the bomb and you 100% must absolutely get it.

Book Through Orbitz

Usually, if given the option, I like booking direct because should anything go wrong you’re more likely to sort it out directly with the airline or hotel than being bounced back and forth from a third party.

With that being said, Orbitz has a great ‘loyalty’ program, if you will, that takes zero effort to get more money in your pocket. Enter: Orbucks. A wonderful currency that only exists in the country of Orbitz. Basically, whatever you book through Orbitz, whether it’s flights, hotel, rental car, cruises, activities, anything, you get some of this ‘currency’ for the booking, which you can use later on to redeem for whatever you want. (Well, except a puppy, because life isn’t fair.)

When you book, it will tell you how many Orbucks you’ll get for that particular booking because it varies. Not all bookings are created equal, unfortunately. So if prices are pretty much the same across multiple sites or versus booking directly, I’ll frequently choose Orbitz so I can then use that to redeem later on down the road.

I booked some flights to Bogotá through Orbitz, got $13 in Orbucks and then used that to get $13 off the hotel. I literally got a discount on my hotel because of my inability to pass up flight purchases. Now, if that’s not a hack for a lazy girl, I don’t know what is.


Another way to save money on travel is by getting the Chrome extension Honey. I kept seeing ads for this when it first came out and I wasn’t sold. Part of the online shopping experience is going to all those annoying sites and looking up coupon codes, surely you technology can’t best me at that? (Of course it can, it’s technology.)

It’s free so I thought I’d give it a try and ohmigod. AMAZING. It quickly searches the web to find all the coupon codes that are valid for wherever you’re checking out.

Effortlessly save money on travel booking and online shopping with honey

The most labor-intensive part of this hack is pressing a button to download it. That’s it. What could be easier? The whole search takes just a few seconds and look, I just saved over $40! I could buy two nights in a hostel or $13 coffees or like four bottles of wine for that money. I’ll keep it, thanks.

Sign Up for Alerts

Are you looking at flight prices or car rental prices and they seem ok, but you just want to watch another episode of Stranger Things? That’s cool, just set up alerts and watch your price get low, get low, get low (to the winowwww to the wall, sorry I’m done).

Alerts are an excellent way to see your price drop, you know why? Because when you go through the booking process (without booking) and then sign up for email alerts and go away, they want you back! They don’t want to lose you as a customer so oftentimes the price will drop to get you to return and finish the booking. This isn’t a fool proof way to save money but it literally frees up your time to watch all the Netflix and drink all the wine you want to get a lower price. By watching Netflix and drinking wine. Excellent.

These ways to effortlessly save money on travel have no extra bs and you’ll be able to look at your bank account without crying (the ultimate goal, right?). If you know of any other hacks for immediately saving money on travel bookings please drop them in the comments below and spread the love! I hope this lazy girl’s guide to saving money on travel bookings helps you travel just as much but spend less – the real dream in life, after becoming a real-life princess and owning a coffee plantation (just me?).

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