Most Instagram Worthy Places in Brisbane

When people visit Australia they tend to visit cities like Sydney and Melbourne, myself included. I never visited Brisbane while I lived in Australia, only later when I went back, but I quickly realized my mistake. Brisbane is a thriving, exciting city with so much to offer. These Instagram worthy places in Brisbane will prove that to you too.

Most Instagram Worthy Places in Brisbane

From beautiful parks to incredible museums and street art, Brisbane has so many awesome things to photograph and experience. What makes something Instagrammable to me is it’s either beautiful, unique, creative or simply makes me happy and that’s what these places in Brisbane achieve.

Queens Gardens

Queen Garden in Brisbane, instagram worthy places in Brisbane

This was one of the first places I experienced in Brisbane as it was right in front of my hotel. I just loved the architecture of the buildings around it, as well as the beautiful bright green lawn. It’s a lovely place to lay out in the sun with a book or simply enjoy some greenery in the midst of a large city.

Queen Garden Brisbane, Instagrammable places in Brisbane

Kangaroo Point

This was easily my favorite place in Brisbane. The views of the city are stunning and the walk along the cliffs is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, making it a perfect Instagrammable opportunity.

Kangaroo Point Brisbane, Australia, instagrammable spots in Brisbane

There are tons of greenery areas and you can always take the ferry from there to get to other places in the city much quicker.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park

Also in the same area as Kangaroo Point is the Park. I love this area because it’s full of unique works of art and nice walking paths. There’s also a restaurant near the lookout that’s the perfect stop for ice cream or a healthier snack.

Kangaroo Point Cliffs Park Art spiral, instagram worthy places in Brisbane

Kangaroo Point Brisbane, Australia spire artwork

Kangaroo Point Brisbane park art, instagrammable things in Brisbane

All of the art in the park makes for some great Instagrammable opportunities in Brisbane.

South Bank Parklands

This area along the Brisbane River is perfect for walks, photos and for children to play. I love how there are so many green areas in Brisbane, and this is definitely one of them. South Bank Parklands features a combination of rainforest, waterways, plazas, the beach mentioned below, as well as the riverfront promenade.

South Bank Parklands greenery, Brisbane instagram worthy places in Brisbane

Instgrammable places in Brisbane, Australia, view of Victoria Bridge and city skyline

This promenade along the river makes an excellent Instagram worthy place. You get great views of the skyline and have plenty of areas to lounge and hang out and enjoy Brisbane’s frequent pleasant weather.

Streets Beach

How many cities do you know have a man-made beach in the middle of the city? I don’t know about you, but I sure don’t know many. Brisbane is unique in the sense it has this right smack in the middle of everything.

Streets Beach Brisbane

This Instagrammable spot in Brisbane is also a great place to cool off in the hot weather. I think it’s a cool idea to have a public pool open in the middle of the city – especially one that also has a man-made sand section too.

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Wheel of Brisbane

I don’t really like heights so I didn’t go on the Wheel of Brisbane, but it’s certainly an eye-catching part of the Brisbane skyline and is worth photographing.


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Ferry Ride

Another great experience and Instagram opportunity in Brisbane is taking a ferry ride. The best part of these ferry rides is that the CityHopper ones are completely free of charge. It’s a great way to get around and it’s also a great way to see the city from a totally different perspective.

Brisbane ferry ride, view of the skyline, free of charge ferries

ANZAC Square

This heritage war memorial is dedicated to the men and women who fought overseas in the Australian and New Zealand corps. The memorial has wonderful architecture and it’s great to memorialize those who have given their lives.

While I wouldn’t reccomend something like this as an Instagram worthy places, in Brisbane or otherwise, I think it’s beautiful and it’s worth sharing with others.


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Scrap Metal Animals

One unique aspect to Brisbane that I absolutely loved was the art found dotted around the city. My particular favorite was the scrap metal animals – particular of birds and kangaroos.

Scrap metal kangaroos Brisbane street art, instagram worthy places in Brisbane

These kangaroos are so cool and I’m so impressed by someone’s creative abilities. I’d never seen anything quite like this anywhere else.

Scrap metal birds Brisbane street art

Unique street art is one fabulous Instagram worthy subject in Brisbane.

Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

Unlike in many places within the US and Europe, the Botanic Gardens throughout Australia are pretty much always free and incredibly extensive. I loved how vast the one in Brisbane was. If I lived there, I could definitely imagine myself sprawled out enjoying the sun and weather reading a book on the expansive green lawns.

Brisbane Botanic Gardens Australia

I loved how the Gardens ran along the river in the south section of the park. You’ll see tons of wildlife, including many cockatoos – something that will never get old because they’re so funny and weird.

Keep in mind there are other Botanic Gardens in Brisbane, but they are a little outside of the city. If you have free time, they’re supposed to be beautiful.

Brisbane City Hall

Nothing is more Instagrammable than stunning architecture and the Brisbane City Hall doesn’t disappoint. Located in King George Square, it was built in 1930 and was once the tallest building in Brisbane up until the 1960s.


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Museum of Brisbane

Of all the things I saw in Brisbane, this was by far the coolest. The museum opened in 2003 and discusses the history, art and culture of the city and people of Brisbane. There were so many incredible exhibits that I spent a good long while soaking it all up – and I don’t even like museums that much.

The museum works with local artists to create works that are inspired by the city of Brisbane to engage visitors in global conversations.

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The above photo depicts artwork by Robert Andrew. The initial artwork begins with a white-washed surface over these large panels and depicts the white-washing of colonizing history – specifically in regards to the Australian Indigenous histories. The machine then outlines text by spraying a small amount of water onto the surface, which then erodes the white chalk layer to reveal the underlying layers of ochres and oxide.

While extremely unique, I think the concept of artwork like this is amazing and manages to describe something in an image that’s so difficult to put into words.

St. John’s Cathedral

I’m not one who usually cares much about churches, but this one, in particular, is so photogenic inside, that it’s hard to not add it to this list. Building plans for this church began as early as 1880 and it’s still in fantastic condition today.


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These most Instagram worthy places in Brisbane will hopefully show you some of the best things Brisbane has to offer. What are your favorite places in Brisbane? Share in the comments below!

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