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I know I’ve been really bad about writing recently and for that I apologize. I know a few of you have reached out about it, but between traveling and trying to figure out where this blog was going, my posts took a back seat for a while. I appreciate you all sticking with me and to kickoff a new start while I work on my Mexico travel post I’ve decided to write about something that’s been on my mind for a while and I feel is a hotly contested topic for us bookworms. The real book versus the e-reader.

There are two sides to this argument, and while I can see the reasons for both I do hold a preference myself. To begin lets look at the merits of each.

Holding a real book in your hands is pretty satisfying, and I love the feeling of turning the pages and getting closer the end. The real book gives you a greater feeling of accomplishment as you get further and further into it because you can physically see how far you’ve come. It’s also incredibly satisfying to have whole shelves of books to pick and choose from and it can make for nice decoration as well. There’s a reason why libraries are so pleasing! Another reason why some people, myself included, enjoy real books is the fun in going to a bookstore and perusing the different titles and spending hours reading small excerpts. The whole experience of a book from the cover, to the smell to the flipping of the pages is something that people have been experiencing and have loved for centuries, so why change it?

However, on the flip side, an e-reader such as a Kindle or an iPad have the benefit that you can have hundreds or thousands of books just at your fingertips. With an iPad you can read in the dark (you’re not supposed to I know, but I’m a rebel, what can I say), and with these e-readers you can acquire books much quicker and easier than ever, and typically at a lower price than an average bookstore.

I’ve always personally wavered on whether I preferred reading on my iPad versus real books, but I have to say after using my iPad so frequently for my reading I’ve come to prefer it. For someone who has moved frequently and travels a lot, not needing to worry about the space and weight that books take up has been a huge relief. I love being able to read at night when people are asleep, having my book on the same device as the Internet where I can look things up and, more importantly, I love having access to so many books instantly. I love being able to finish one book and immediately get to start another without needing to go to the bookstore and find one, buy it, bring it back and then begin to read.

Of course at the end of the day it’s a matter of preference, but with so many people talking about this topic in bookworm circles I wanted to defend my love for reading on my iPad. Using an iPad doesn’t lessen the reading experience like some people might think, and for travel lovers like me and many of you, it’s the perfect option. A computer, a book, a messaging device and so much more all rolled into one– it’s pretty awesome.

What do you guys prefer to use and why? I’d love to hear some more thoughts!

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  • Sarah Bond

    I’m a bit torn too, but am probably moving towards the tablet. It’s just so great for travelling (and I love that you have the definition of words at your fingertips!)

    • That’s so true! I’ve been reading a lot of Agatha Christie books recently and since Poirot is Belgian he says a lot of things in French– and I don’t know French!

  • Becky @Disney in your Day

    I’m a librarian so it’s definitely a hot topic in our world! I personally like both for different reasons. It’s so great when I travel. Overall I enjoy the experience of reading with a book – I feel more focused for some reason with paper. But e-books are a great convenience at times. I think there’s a place for both.

    • That’s so true. And it’s really easy to get distracted on an e-reader. I find when I’m reading on my iPad it’s best to turn it on airplane mode so I don’t get distracted by texts and push notifications!

  • I have wrist issues so sometimes holding a massive 800 page books just isn’t possible, so an Ereader is great. I’ve also been able to cut back on the books I own, now I only buy my favorites, helps save space!

    • Absolutely! Sometimes it’s just not practical to have shelves and shelves of books– especially in a small apartment! Lol.

  • I love love love real books. There is just something more special about them. I will admit that I have an ereader though that I use on occasion.

  • Hil D

    I prefer the book, BUT I have little kids, I can’t carry a book around with me everywhere and they will destroy it (seriously while breastfeeding I thought my daughter was asleep until her popped open and she lunged for my book and ripped out a page). So I use my iphone and apps on there to read, I actually have TIME to read with that (while breastfeeding, waiting in the car to pick up my husband, in the bathroom lol) so by using them I am actually able to read again, if I had to rely on the paper book it would be a few more years sadly. I miss books though!

  • i LOVE books but do a little of both! i use my ipad for some reading and then do the library/book stores to get my book fix, too!

  • I definitely prefer my iPad compared to an actual book. I use the kindle app and it just makes it so much easier to take everything on the go. I use it for my school textbooks too!

  • Rose Mont

    I have a Kindle but just seems like forever for me to finish. I focus on howany times I turn the page but the count never goes up. My daughter zips right through books so having a Kindle and real books allows her to read twice as much.

  • I much prefer actual books, but if I’m traveling, my iPad is much easier to lug around!

  • I think I prefer real books over ebooks. I do have my fair share of ebooks.

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