NYX Retractable Eyeliner


I haven’t done a beauty post in a while because, if I’m being honest, nothing was setting my world on fire, but now that I’ve tried this amazing (and affordable) eyeliner, I can’t not share it.

I’ve used the same mediocre eyeliner for years. Literally I think it was the first eyeliner I ever bought and it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad, so I just stuck with it. I think I was afraid of wasting my money on something that may not have been any better, so I kept using an Almay eyeliner that had very little staying power and by the end of the day made me look like a raccoon. Not a pretty look, let me tell you.

When I was running out of my Almay eyeliner this time around I thought to myself this time I was going to do a ton of research and find one that was actually going to work for me. I looked at a few, but the ones with the best reviews were ones quite frankly out of my price range and I’m in no position to be buying $20 eyeliner at the moment, so when I came across NYX’s retractable eyeliner with great reviews I got so excited. I love retractable eyeliners because I hate sharpening the pencil liners, but I’m really sloppy and using liquid is just a really bad idea for me.

For only $4.50, I could try it. Even if it was awful, it was less than $5 so I couldn’t go too wrong. I went to CVS and picked myself one up and brought it home and was super excited to try it the next morning.

I was absolutely blown away. The texture of the pencil is so creamy and smooth and it goes on my waterline so incredibly easily. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to apply liner so quickly and effortlessly in my life. The real test was how it was going to stand up against day to day wear, but it blew it out of the water. After an entire day traveling around on airplanes (and let me tell you, tons of naps) for over 12 hours, I came home to discover this eyeliner hadn’t even budget. No raccoon eyes, maybe a little lighter, but it was still there and still looked great and I honestly couldn’t even believe it.

The next test was when I wore it out in the rain; it claims to be waterproof but if I had a penny for every time a beauty product was actually waterproof I’d be rich, so I didn’t have high hopes. Again, it didn’t even budge. I was beyond shocked, let me tell you. After years of using a probably less than mediocre eyeliner for about $8, I couldn’t believe this one I’d picked up for almost half the cost was exponentially better.

I’m so pleased with NYX that I’m really excited to try some of their other products after such a positive experience with this liner. Have any of you bought NYX products and what was your experience?

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