Olay Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Cream


As I’ve mentioned before, I have extremely sensitive and dry skin. Because of this I struggle to find products that work well with my skin, especially my face. So many creams are too thick or oily or have other problems that cause me to break out or not moisturize fully. It’s pretty frustrating because I’m not really in a position to pay big bucks for something as simple as a moisturizer, even though healthy skin is important to me.

When I began to run out of face cream this time around I did a lot of online research to see what other people with dry and sensitive skin were recommending and saw a few people gave good reviews to Olay’s sensitive skin moisturizing cream. It’s pretty affordable, about $10, and is totally awesome. The cream is extremely lightweight and smooth, which means you can barely tell you’re wearing it and hydrated my skin like nothing else has in a long time.

It instantly soothed my dry skin and it didn’t feel like I was putting plaster or something on my face like thick creams can feel like. The best part is that a little goes a long way so that 100g bottle is certainly going to last me a long time, and if there’s anything I love it’s good bang for my buck. I can only wish I had found this moisturizer sooner because there’s nothing more discouraging than spending money on a bunch of products that don’t actually work that well for you.

Another benefit for me with this cream is that it’s fragrance free. Some people prefer their moisturizer to have a scent but I really can’t stand it and if I’m being honest a lot of the time it just makes me incredibly sneezy and in extreme cases can make me feel a bit nauseous. I always love it when great products are made without any fragrance, or even better, when they make two kinds: one for the people who like fragrance free and one for the fragrance lovers.

I’ve also found this cream is really nice for using on my hands as well in really small amounts. It’s so not oily that as soon as I put a bit on I can handle my phone and laptop and anything else almost immediately without leaving any of those gross marks.

I could not recommend this moisturizer enough for other people who struggle with dry and sensitive skin. It isn’t going to break the bank and can be found at pretty much any drugstore around the country and even abroad (for those of us who forget things when we travel). This will easily become a staple in my morning and evening routine for a very long time in the future.

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