Essence Gel Nail Polish


After buying an Essence lipstick I decided to head back to target and take a look at their products again to see what other goodies I could get myself. It’s a shock I only walked away with one thing, but I can safely say stay tuned for more Essence products because they’re quickly becoming one of my favorite brands.

They have a gel nail polish line with a bunch of really cool colors, and the best part is they’re only $3.70 each (can’t pass that up). You are supposed to use them with the gel base and top coat they sell, but I didn’t feel like buying 3 nail polishes just to get one so I figured I would probably be fine with just the color and it was fantastic. Although I’m not sure how it is when you use it how you’re actually supposed, I totally loved it. It went on so smoothly and thick (but not too thick) and dried really fast.

The color is definitely one of my favorites, a sort of plum color. I’m pretty much a strictly pink and red girl, but every so often I try to go a bit out of my comfort zone with something a bit bolder or different and this was one of those times. I used to stay away from dark nail polishes since I’m so pale and I was afraid of looking goth, but I’ve realized that as long as they’re tasteful it’s totally ok to use a dark color. I’m personally not big on blues and yellows and other colors like that, but I’m learning to branch out a little more and it’s been fun! And what’s a better way than experiencing with cheap nail polishes when you might not like them. This one was a total winner though, and not just the color.

I’ve had this nail polish on for a few days now and it’s so durable. Usually my nail polish chips within a day or two because I’m constantly doing dishes or something else and within a couple of days the color and shine goes away and it becomes a little dull. None of this has happened with this nail polish and it’s a miracle. Another win for Essence, and I love how affordable everything this line is.

I’m definitely going back to get more colors of this at some point and maybe I’ll pick myself up some more of their products to try…

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