How To Keep Your Rings Clean

I’m really bad about keeping my jewelry clean and just in general I’m pretty bad about maintaining my stuff (this is why I can’t have nice things). Flash backs to my leather boots that fell apart in quite the literal sense… Anyway, I love my engagement/wedding ring, I think it’s beautiful and even though I’m always careful by taking it off before I put on lotion or doing stuff that could potentially damage it cleaning is something I always forget to do.

Dirt builds up on it and because it happens slowly I don’t realize that it’s become incredibly dull and lackluster, but then when I do clean it I’m totally shocked by how shiny it was in the first place! Getting jewelry professionally cleaned can be really expensive so I developed two ways to safely clean my ring that return it to its shiny and beautiful state using ingredients that you’ll already have in your house right now.

My ring is made of zirconia and silver, but if you have a softer stone or something more unusual I would recommend looking up another method because I’m not sure how this will affect it and I would hate for you to ruin your beautiful ring because of me!

Method One

This method uses just water, baking soda and some dish detergent, so simple! Mix a tiny bit of dish detergent and a tablespoon of baking soda in about 3 tablespoons of warm water. Use an (old) toothbrush to gently scrub the ring with baking soda and then leave it in the mixture for about 10 minutes. After that rinse it off in warm water and it should be nice and clean!

baking soda

Method Two

This is my preferred method and although the other one works really well I find this one works perhaps a little better. All you need is an (old) toothbrush and some toothpaste, but make sure to use plain toothpaste, anything with multiple colors in it will damage your ring. Rinse the ring in some warm water to start and then gently scrub the toothbrush onto the ring for a few minutes, making sure you get into all the crevices, then when you’re satisfied with how much you’ve cleaned it rinse it off in warm water. You’ll have a beautiful, like-new ring!



There are other ways out there that I’m sure work fabulously, but these are my two favorite ways and it’s so easy and I don’t need to spend any extra money which is always my favorite part. It really makes a huge difference to the depth of the ring and gives it a shiny finish again, which I love. What are some of your favorite ways to clean your jewelry?

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