Watches: Bargain Buys

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When it comes to shopping I love it, but I also am a big fan of saving money. I’m not a penny pincher but there’s nothing I love more than a good deal. Because of this one of my favorite places to go when I need something (or don’t) is an op shop (or a charity shop as they’re called in some places). I’ll admit, I’m a little biased because I volunteer at one and I have a deep love for all of my fellow volunteers and our regulars (the nice ones, not the ones who try to steal things– that’s a story for another day), but despite that op shops have some really amazing treasures and always come with a really low price tag.

Watches are one of my favorite accessories and even though conventional watches seem to be ever-replaced by digital and super fancy tech ones (Apple Watch, I’m talking to you) there’s something simple and elegant about a plain watch that I just love. I think a good watch can tie any good outfit together, and it also tells you the time so you don’t always have to look at your phone. This is much more professional and also easier rather than digging your phone out every half hour. I will be the first to admit that I use my watches far more as a fashion accessory than I do for practical purposes (ok… so all of my watches are currently out of battery, but I’m working on it).

Of my four watches I bought three at the op shop and each for $8 or less. I don’t think there are any better deals out there and except for needing a battery replacement these watches are in mint condition.


This was the first quality watch I’d ever owned and I still love it. It’s very sleek and professional, and the small face looks nice on tiny wrists like mine. Pulsar is Spanish though and the days alternate between being in English and Spanish, which confused me for a little while. This specific Pulsar watch isn’t sold anymore, but there are some similar ones out there instead, still at a reasonable price.


This was the first watch I’d bought from the op shop and even though the glass is missing from the face I absolutely love the vintage look that it has. This watch can act as a statement piece on its own and adds a great pop to a low-key outfit. I’m still not sure about the make of it and how much it was originally, but it looks expensive and I got it for the grand old price of $4. Win!


I absolutely adore this watch because it’s so feminine, sleek and unobtrusive. Much like my Pulsar watch, the face on this one is also relatively small, adding a nice touch to any professional outfit. The links on this watch are also much smaller than your average links, which makes it look so simple and elegant. I fell in love with this watch the second I saw it, which was actually while volunteering at the op shop when some lady asked me if she could see from inside the glass case of jewelry we have. When I took it out and handed it to her I so hoped she wouldn’t buy it and she didn’t so I immediately snagged it for myself at the incredible price tag of $6. As it turns out, Krone is a really expensive watch brand so the fact I got it for under $10 is incredible.

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This Fossil watch has been my newest acquisition and even though Fossil watches aren’t crazy expensive they come with a relatively hefty price tag, especially if you’re like me and want to start a collection to interchange for various outfits. Fossil watches are great in both durability, make and style and this one was only $6 as well. I love it because it’s interesting and different to other watches, having a rectangle face and links that are two-tone with spaces, but also it’s not over the top. This is probably my most versatile watch because it can go perfectly with a business meeting outfit but also is great to jazz up for going out with friends.

Although I think the idea of an Apple Watch or something would be fun (and let’s be honest, it’s just another reason for me to sit on Facebook and Instagram all day– an encouragement I don’t need), I’m always going to stay loyal to the simple analog watches that have been around for decades. And the moral of the story? Op shopping is the most fun (and addictive) form of shopping and there’s nothing more thrilling than getting a good deal on something you know is at least five times more.

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