Essence Long-lasting Lipstick

I’m so pale and awkward I can mainly only get away with pink lipsticks or purple-based colors. Anything bolder pretty much always makes me look like a clown and that’s something that no one wants, even clowns. I bought a lipstick once that was a bit more orange than I thought and it looked so awful on me it discouraged me from every trying to buy a darker color again. Every girl needs a red lipstick that makes her feel like a rockstar though, so I decided it was time to try again.

The rule of thumb when looking at lipsticks to determine your skins’ undertone (yellow, pink or neutral). If you have yellow undertones you’ll look better in warmer colors and if you have pink undertones you’ll look better in cooler colors, such as purple. Having neutral skin is awesome because you can wear pretty much anything and I am super jealous of those people, but alas the majority of us have to struggle through trial and error to find the right shades. Cherry colors go pretty well with fair skinned people like me, more orangey ones go well with medium complexions, and something resembling a tangerine or plum go well with dark skin tones.

I’m really bad at figuring these things out, so I need to sample the testers in the store to get a better idea, but I was starting to think I was never going to find a red that worked with my skin tone until I was wandering around Target’s cosmetic section and the price of Essence’s cosmetics caught me eye. I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard of them really before but I had a look at the different shades and they were only $4.70, so I figured even if I hated it it wouldn’t matter. But it’s seriously awesome.

The shade I bought is the 02 All You Need Is Red. This color is bold but yet is soft enough for us light-skinned folks and is perfect for work or a night out on the town. From the moment I put it on I felt like a million bucks (and that’s never happened with lipstick for the record).

red lipstick 2

red lipstick

This lipstick looks a bit pink-ish in the bright sunshine but in the other lights looks more bold and awesome. I’m totally in love with it and I know it’s going to become part of my regular makeup routine from now on. It is also part of Essence’s long-lasting range, which is really important because no one wants a lipstick that wears off only a couple of hours after put on.

The best part about Essence is although it is extremely affordable it’s much better quality than you might think given the price. It doesn’t cake easily and goes on pretty smoothly, having a bit of a creamy finish to it and even after wearing it all day it managed to stay in its place. I’m a huge fan of it and since it’s so affordable, unlike it’s more well-known counterparts, it means I can get multiple colors and not break the bank. If you’re fair-skinned like me I guarantee this lipstick will become your best friend. I can’t wait to try out some more of these products now that I know they exist.


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