L’oreal Magique BB Blush

I have incredibly dry skin so finding beauty products that work well with that is really difficult. Anything that’s not a soothing cream just makes a cake-y, flaky surface on my skin– not at all an appealing look. I’m also incredibly pale so finding things that go well with my skin tone is also a big struggle, so when I found this L’oreal BB blush I was so excited.

This blush is called “universal rosy blush” because it’s clear when it comes out of the tube and as you rub it into your cheeks it turns a shade of pink that suits your complexion. It’s seriously like magic. It gave my face a glowing and healthy look that I was never able to achieve with any other products and the fact it’s just a cream/gel meant that it didn’t even remotely dry out my skin and if anything helped moisturize it a bit. Some people with more oily skin don’t like it because they feel it makes their skin worse, but for me and other people with dry skin it’s a fantastic option.

I’m a bit inept when it comes to figuring out what shades work well with my skin tone (flashback to that time I bought a lipstick that made me look like a clown) so this takes the hardest part out of it and helps me avoid looking like a laughing stock.

Another added bonus for this blush is that it can be used as a lip color as well and it’s just a soft rosy pink, which goes great with any look. Who doesn’t love a good 2 in 1 product.

nothingWith nothing on

bbOn cheeks and lips

It’s a very subtle look on the cheeks and lips but you can just keep adding more until you get the shade you want. I didn’t want anything very overpowering so I kept it very minimal, but you can see the difference in the washed-out before and more healthy look in the second photo.

The bottle is quite small, only 15ml, but because the amounts needed are so small it actually lasts a really long time. I haven’t had mine long, but people who have said it lasts months, so even though it’s not the cheapest product it’s well worth the money. I was lucky and got mine half price at Target because the tube was damaged slightly (only a bit dirty) in transport, but you can get it most places for about $20 or less. Despite costing more than most powder blushes it goes on so smoothly and so effortlessly it’s totally worth the few dollars more. When I run out I’ll definitely be buying it again, even if it’s not reduced.

*This is not a sponsored post, I just really love this product. 

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