Black Magic Cake

Black magic

I’m all about the baked goods the past couple of days if you can’t tell. But I love to eat and I love to eat bad food. And even better if I make it myself! I’m big on cookies, but there’s nothing more satisfying than cake. One of my biggest pet peeves are dry cakes so I do everything I can to avoid that.

Now, I love coffee, seriously I do. It’s addiction, but I can admit that and there’s nothing I love more than coffee and cake combined. And when there’s chocolate involved, really can you get any better? (The answer is no in case you were unsure.) I absolutely adore this cake recipe and I love how mysterious the name sounds. I call it that because the cake comes out very very dark (chocolate and coffee!). You could make this as a tiered cake, a round cake, or if you’re lazy like me just a sheet cake with no frosting because the cake is totally enough as it is.

I have nothing against frosting, but the cake is the real winner here so why ruin it. But if you try it with frosting let me know how it is! I make this in a 9×13 inch pan and it fills it pretty close to the brim so depending on what you make it in you might need to halve it, you’ll be surprised by how much cake mix this will actually make. But more is better in this case, so I’ll let you decide.


220g of self-raising flour (or plain with baking soda)
400g of white sugar
65g of cocoa powder (all about that cocoa powder, I’m telling you)
2 eggs
235ml of strong brewed coffee
235ml milk (you can use any kind you like, I use 2%, but if you use a higher fat content it’ll just be more creamy)
30ml vegetable oil
5ml vanilla extract
Pinch of salt

  1. To start decide how you’re going to make your strong brewed coffee. I like to use my moka pot and brew an espresso (and then I drink what I don’t use… I told you, addiction). Alternatively, you could just brew a strong pot of coffee through a filter. Whatever you choose do this first so while you’re mixing the rest it has time to brew and is ready for you when it comes to add it.
  2. In a bowl combine the flour, sugar, cocoa and salt. Mix and then make a well in the center to pour in your wet ingredients.
  3. Add the eggs and beat until smooth. Add in the coffee, milk, oil and vanilla. Beat again until smooth. If you’re doing this by hand it’ll probably still look a little bit lumpy no matter how much you beat it and that’s ok, don’t fret, it doesn’t make a huge amount of difference because as it cooks it smooths itself out.
  4. Pop it into the oven at 175°c/350°f for approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Sometimes I find it takes a little bit longer, but stick a toothpick or fork or some utensil into it to check. If it comes out clean it’s done. You do have to be careful not to overcook it, since it’s such a dark cake it’s hard to tell.
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