Holiday Gift Guide: The Coffee Lover


This weekend I wrote the first post in this holiday gift guide series about the perfect gifts for the traveler, but today I’m going to focus on a gift guide for the coffee lover. I love coffee. Some may call it an addiction, but I call it true love. As a matter of fact I’m drinking coffee as I write this, although there’s no surprise there, and I’m basically salivating thinking of using all of these gifts for myself. I know, I’m selfish.

But I do love giving people great gifts they’ll love and if I can help anyone find the perfect give for a loved one, then I’ll have done my job! So, if you have a coffee lover friend or family member, I can almost guarantee they’ll love any of these gifts below and when in doubt, some really nice coffee beans truly go a long way.


If you know someone who loves coffee, but doesn’t have one of these already it’s a great place to start. I love espresso machines as much as the next person, but they can be pretty pricy so if you’re looking for a fun, but reasonably priced, gift the Keurig is the way to go (plus they come in an awesome variety of colors). If this person is anything like me, they hate waiting for a whole pot to brew in the morning to get that first cup of delicious, warm java.

Keep Cup


I have tried a variety of thermoses and coffee cups over the years, but I have never loved anything more than my Keep Cup. These reusable cups are super eco-friendly but what I love most about them is how light they are and the fact you can easily secure the top piece over the mouth hole so you don’t get coffee splashed all over you. Even better, you can design your own! This way you can give someone an awesomely personalized, coffee-related gift. What’s better! If you’re stuck on sizing, I use the medium and the small is about the size of your average mug.



Although I’ve never tried this, I’ve heard amazing things about it. It boasts brewing coffee in 30 seconds and is specially designed to keep all grounds out of coffee–something a lot of French presses fail to do entirely. I love how compact and functional this is.

But First, Coffee Print

but first coffee

You really can’t go wrong with any coffee-related decor, but I love this simple “But First, Coffee” print on Etsy. It would look amazing in the kitchen, or really anywhere in the house because of how simple and elegant it is. It comes in 3 different sizes, so you can make sure you get one that fits perfectly into the home of the coffee lover.

Manual Coffee Grinder

Coffee experts swear by manual coffee grinders, saying they bring out the best of each roasted coffee bean. I don’t understand all of the science behind it, but what I can get behind is this really fun way of grinding my coffee beans. Another added bonus of the manual coffee grinder is that it is so much quieter. There’s nothing worse than waking up and wanting some darn coffee only to discover the beans need to be ground and you don’t want that horrid loud grinding noise in your ears before you take your first sip.

Moka Pot

moka pot

Michael and I bought a Moka Pot with a gift card we were given for our wedding and we absolutely love it. It’s a super easy, and fun way, to make espresso. Although the Moka Pot itself was only designed in 1933, this method of brewing coffee started in Italy hundreds of years ago, so that alone makes it super cool. You fill up the bottom with water, put in the metal filter and fill it with coffee grounds, and then set it on the stove to boil. As it boils, the water seeps through the coffee grounds and up into the carafe on top. It can then be served directly like that.

Customize A Mug

Whether it’s a photo or their favorite quote, a customized mug is a really nice way to pay tribute to something they love, but also giving it a personal touch.

A Coffee Plant

coffee plant                                                                                         via 

I think this is a really cool idea because for someone like a coffee enthusiast, trying their hand at growing their own coffee beans is awesome! If I could grow, roast and brew my own coffee just once that would be such an amazing experience. A coffee plant is super cheap but the possibilities are endless. Here’s some further instructions/information on growing a coffee plant if you’d like more information.

With these gifts, you’ll be sure to impress any coffee enthusiast, but when it doubt, there’s nothing better than some really great coffee. I would be totally content to receive a few bags of really nice coffee rather than the stuff I typically buy at the grocery store.

Be sure to follow me on Instagram because I’ll be posting many holiday and gift-related posts in the coming weeks! Happy holidays! 

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  • Love this specific list and the recommendations are perfect!

    Clothes & Quotes

    • Thanks, Shannon! I would love to have most of this myself!

  • Christy Fleener

    Great Ideas! I really want the “But first, coffee” print! Very cute!

    • I thought so too, Christy! I love how simple it is. It would really fit in anywhere.

  • Cynthia @craftoflaughter

    I love all the suggestions but I especially love the print! I need that for my office, HA

    • Oh I feel you, Cynthia! I could use it in every room! Lol.

  • Becky @Disney in your Day

    I’m planning to decorate mugs for some family and put fancy coffees in them!

    • What a great idea, Becky! I love gifts like that because they’re personalized and lovely, but also don’t break the bank.

  • Longtime coffee drinker here and these are great gifts to give! I’ve got a chemex on my own coffee-loving gift list this year. Love the gold print, too!

    • Those are awesome! I would love one myself. I wish I could have a whole room filled with coffee-related things!

  • Samantha

    I want all of this! I haven’t heard of the Aero Press before, but now I want to try it. It looks easy to clean too, which is why I won’t use our French Press (even though it makes the best coffee ever).

    • I’m totally the same way, Samantha! French Presses are such a nightmare to clean, that’s for sure. I really want to try it too, I think it looks very space-agey too which is fun!

  • I am a coffee lover, so these gifts are right up my alley! We have a Keurig, and I love it. Those Keep Cups look adorable and practical! I love the print (and pretty much anything that says “But First, Coffee”). And the coffee plant – what a unique idea!

    • Thanks, Jenn! I agree that anything that says “but first, coffee” is the best because that’s basically my life’s motto!

      • Right?? Ha ha 🙂

  • I need to try the Keep Cup!!! I have a lot of mugs,etc for my coffee but those sound like a great item to add for my coffee. Great picks!

    • Thanks! I love the Keep Cup and I love how you can design it with your own colors so it feels more personalized!

  • Heather Gullett Denniston

    These are great ideas! I have a coffee lover so I will definitely take these to heart!

  • Life of Jules

    I know quite a few coffee lovers I need to purchase gifts for and these ideas helped me immensely. Thanks so much for this post!

    ♡ Julia |

    • I’m so glad it has, Julia! It’s always hard this time of year to come up with gifts for EVERYONE so I’m glad this helped!

  • I love that gold foil print! It is adorable! Those keep cups also look wonderful!

    • I love the print too, Logan! Definitely thinking of purchasing it for mysel haha

  • Willow Moon

    I really love the Keep Cup and the Aero Press! I don’t drink coffee everyday, but would love these anyway!

    • The great think about the Keep Cup is it can be for anything– coffee, tea, hot chocolate, etc 🙂

  • Rae

    My boss is the ultimate coffeholic and any of these gifts would work for her! Thank you for giving me some brilliant ideas for her.

    • I’m so glad to have helped! Thanks for stopping by!

  • How cool! I am not a coffee person but I know a lot of people who are so this is perfect.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • Glad to have given you a few ideas, Jenny 🙂

  • My friend is a coffee lover and she’d love all of these. Thanks for sharing!

  • Ann

    I’ve been meaning to get a coffee press.

    • They make such great coffee, definitely better than your average filter coffee. Thanks for stopping by!

  • I love the sign!

  • Sarah Emily

    I love the coffee plant! I also love the sign

    • I’m totally thinking now of getting a coffee plant for myself and everyone I know. More coffee the merrier! Lol

  • So many great ideas!! I love anything coffee-wise! That sign is super cute. I need it for my office.

    • Thanks, Keating! I feel you– I need that sign for office, kitchen, bedroom, living room haha!

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  • Amazing list Hannah!! Oh and I am a coffee lover alright. Got a few ones down on my “would love this” list. Thank you for sharing <3

  • It would be really interesting to grow my own coffee plant. Great article!