4 Essential Bags

4 Essentia bags long

I’m a huge fan of bags and purses, I totally love them. I try not to acquire too many (I fail) because with all of our moving around currently it’s just not an extra something I need to worry about. Although I have so many bags (most of them I rarely use) there are 4 essential ones that I couldn’t live without.

These are my bag staples that I use for anything and everything and without them I’d be totally lost. They each serve a different purpose for me and I think these four styles are ones that every girl could benefit from having.

So enough of my blathering, here are the four bag types that should be a staple in any women’s closet.

The tote turned cross-body


I wore this bag in one of my other posts and it’s the one I use in my daily life. I love that the strap can be clipped on or removed because instantly in one bag I’ve got two totally different styles that I can play around with depending on what it is I’m doing. It’s a very small tote, but big enough to carry all of my essentials throughout the day or just when on a plane. The fact it has a strap as well means that it’s easy to wear when out sightseeing and you don’t want to thing about it.

The actual cross-body


I love cross-body bags because I have short shoulders and hobo bags tend to fall off of them and are way too much trouble than they’re worth. However, I love how with a cross-body you just stick everything in it, put it across your body and you’re done with it. You never have to worry about losing it anywhere and some brands (like this Dooney and Bourke one in the photo) are super stylish and cute.

These bags are also great because they don’t kill your shoulder like some of the big ones do (featured below) and on those days that you really just don’t want to be worn down by your bag  this is definitely the way to go and look cute while doing so.

The clutch


I’ll be honest, although I’ve wanted a clutch for a long time I’ve never actual bought one until recently. Clutches are perfect for when you’re going out for the night somewhere nice or fancy and you just need a little bag to put in your phone, wallet and essentials. What I love about that one above is that it actually has a little chain that you can use to put it over your shoulder or you can remove the chain entirely and use it as just a clutch. These bags are so elegant and perfect for a cocktail party, dinner or wedding.

The large tote


Large totes are so necessary for many things in life. For me, I used my Longchamp every single day at school and I continue to use it when I go to work. I need something big enough for my laptop, my lunch, my notebook, my wallet, the list goes on. I do not know where I would be without this bag. I use it for traveling and for going to the library and everything in between. Every woman needs a large tote in her closet because it is useful for hundreds of purposes and I guarantee you there will be a time when you will need a bag just a tad oversized for something or other.

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While I love to buy many bags, these 4 styles are a must-need and with those 4 you cover all possible scenario, so if you don’t feel like acquiring many (like me) then these 4 will set you up for life. What are some of your favorite bags?

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