Luxury On A Budget: Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit

Bangkok is a beautiful city where your money can go far. The Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit is a lovely, luxury hotel at a fantastic rate.

With Bangkok being one of my favorite cities, I was thrilled to go back again last month. Because Bangkok is such great value for money, we decided we would stay somewhere a little bit more upmarket at a somewhat pricier rate than we normally would. After much debating, we chose the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit and I’m so glad we did.

The last time we came to Bangkok we also stayed in the Sukhumvit area and we really loved it, so it made sense we’d choose that area again.

I was so pleased with the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit and I was sad we’d only booked a one night stay there. For us, something like this was a little bit of a splurge, but what you get for your money is entirely worth it.

Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit Overall

First, I’ll take a look at what the room was like, the overall hotel facilities, the location and then I’ll get into the rates and what you can get for your money.

The Room

Having arrived incredibly jet lagged, I was thrilled to find out how comfy this bed was. Actually, I ended up taking a several hour nap and the fact I managed to get myself up at all was a huge feat.

Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel review, the room

I loved the design of the room. It was very understated but fresh and local. Although there’s nothing wrong with a basic hotel, I loved how this room felt really modern, but still kept with the theme of Thailand. After all, that is where we are.

Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel review, the room

Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel review, the room

I hate it when rooms don’t have enough space for you and your traveling partner to store your bags, but I was pleasantly surprised this room didn’t have that problem. I don’t like feeling cramped and while I don’t unpack when I travel, I like to feel as though I’ve got space to spread out without turning the room into a pig sty.

In fact, there’s an entire closet near the door where both Michael and I could keep our bags, which is also where the robes were kept and where the safe was. I loved how my stuff could be totally out of the way and leave the room perfectly clean.

Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel review, the room

Probably my biggest pet peeve with hotels is when there aren’t plugs near the bed. Although I don’t tend to use my phone all that much once I get under the covers (I have an iPad for that), I still prefer having it there. One side of the bed did have a plug, but the other one didn’t and that kind of annoyed me.

There was a plug by the wine glasses and ice bucket as you can see above, and that was only a couple of feet from the bed. But still, I would have preferred to have one within reach.

Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel review, the room

Pardon my somewhat raggedy appearance in the mirror. I had just been traveling for nearly two full days, in my defense. The bathroom in the room was great and really spacious. I found it pretty cool how the wall separating the bathroom from the bedroom was essentially the door and slid back and forth. It was a cool and unique touch and added a bit of fun.

I loved how there was plenty of counter space near the sink. If there’s another thing in a hotel that I can’t stand it’s not having enough space for the things I need when getting ready. Not a problem here at all.

Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel review, the room

The circular bathtub was actually really cool. Having not used many circular bathtubs, I did initially think it might be a bit uncomfortable but it wasn’t at all. I loved how it also had a window for you to look out at the city.

The entire bathtub area is a wet room complete with the shower, but I would be cautious because the floor can get a little bit slippery.

Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel review, the room

The view from our room was quite cool. I’m used to not having views of a whole lot, but I love how you can just see the scale of the massive city and how it stretches for miles with hundreds of towering buildings.

Overall, I really loved the room. I found it comfortable, spacious and it had lots of natural light. The view was impressive and its minor faults didn’t cause me a whole lot of issues, so I didn’t mind.

The Facilities

The biggest draw is of course the swimming pool. With sweltering heat pretty much all year round, having a nice pool to relax by is crucial. The pool at the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit is a bit basic, but it did have a nice view and was spacious enough for lots of guests to swim in.

Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel review, the pool

I found the pool very picturesque, but I didn’t love the limited seating. The outdoor area is pretty huge and they could fit many more sun beds without it feeling overcrowded. There weren’t any sun beds when we went down, so we just threw our stuff on some spare chairs and went swimming. As we weren’t staying long it wasn’t problematic, but it would annoy me if I had wanted to lay out for a while.

You’ll also find a fitness center with all the possible equipment you’d want and there’s also a spa where you can get massages, body scrubs and facials, amongst other things.

Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel review, the pool area

The Location

The location of a hotel is probably one of the most important things to me. I’m not one to just sit around and relax on holiday, while that is fun. I love to get out there and see the city and go places and experience the culture. Being near transport is a must, especially in the Thai climate.

This hotel is in a great location, which is easy to get to and from the airport and to get around the city. The hotel is about a five minute walk from the BTS station Thong Lo, which can connect you all around the city and to the airport line.

As for things immediately around the hotel, there are tons of restaurants and shops, and of course amazing street food everywhere you go. You’re also just two stops from Terminal 21, the huge shopping center with the incredible food court.

The Rooftop Bar

The rooftop bar of the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit is by far its biggest selling point. Named Octave, there’s nothing like a view of one of the world’s most impressive megacities from 50 stories high, drinking a cocktail and listening to some great music.

Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel rooftop bar view

The view is amazing and rooftop bars in Bangkok tend to be really expensive, so having one in your hotel is a huge plus.

There are two levels of the rooftop bar, the lower one is geared more towards eating and has a quieter, more intimate ambiance.

Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel rooftop bar

Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel rooftop bar

The upper level feels more like a club and is five stories higher. I will admit, I’m terrified of heights so this kind of petrified me. Standing near the edge made me feel nauseous, but I’m so glad I forced myself to because the views are truly unbeatable.

Bangkok Marriott Sukhumvit Hotel rooftop bar

What Rate To Get

*Obviously rates change depending on when you book, as do exchange rates, so these are simply an average.

If you don’t foresee eating or drinking at the hotel, then it might be worth just getting the regular rate, either with or without breakfast, which is around $160 (€148). However, the rate I suggest you get is the package rate. This is what we got and although it costs more, it’s the full experience and is completely worth it.

For approximately 8,600 THB ($250 or €230), you’ll get the free breakfast buffet for two, two free signature cocktails, a credit of 2,500 THB ($75 or €70) for Octave, a 30% discount off any other food and beverage you purchase after the credit and 30% off both spa treatments and laundry services.

Although you pay more for this rate, it evens out because of the free signature cocktails and the Octave credit. I did initially think the food portions were going to be really small so the credit wouldn’t take us very far, but in reality we were both full after only using half of our credit.

Would I return?

Absolutely. I really enjoyed the Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit and getting the package rate was such a great decision. I had a blast, the room was comfortable and the staff were helpful. The breakfast was delicious and the location fantastic. Although $250 isn’t necessarily cheap, the things you get for that rate definitely makes it a luxury hotel on a budget.

My rating: 


Bangkok Marriott Hotel Sukhumvit lobby

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