Bangkok: From Chaos to Serene

Bangkok is a massive city and it’s hard to narrow it down to the things that should be experienced and seen while there. However, since much of Bangkok’s appeal are temples that’s a separate article you can find here. This list focuses on the other parts of Bangkok that are not thought of as much as the temples, but are diamonds in the rough.

Lumphini Park  


Although no comparison to Central or Hyde Park, Lumphini Park is a quiet haven nestled right in the middle of the megacity of Bangkok. There are plenty of places to have a quiet lunch and even paddle boats to take out onto the various lakes. It’s a good idea to be cautious though because Lumphini Park is filled water monitors, and while they are fun to look at for a while, it wouldn’t be so fun if one were to bite you.



 Shopping is a staple of what Bangkok has to offer. You haven’t been to Bangkok if you haven’t been in those mini cities they call shopping centers. Siam Square was my favorite because it was still cheap but much more civilized than some of the other shopping centers scattered around the city.

Pier 21


Although another shopping mall, Pier 21 has one of the best food courts I have ever seen in my life. We ate there nearly every night we were in Bangkok because it’s cheap and just as tasty as street food. They sell prepaid cards/vouchers to use at the stations for quick service and they’ll refund anything left on the card. Sometimes I think Pier 21 is one of the main things I miss about Bangkok.

Asiatique Riverfront


 I know, it’s another shopping area, but hear me out. Asiatique, while perhaps tacky, is really fun and has a lot of affordable places to eat and drink on the waterfront with a great view of the city. There’s also a ferris wheel for those who aren’t afraid of heights like me and want a better vantage point to view the city. The ferry that goes to Asiatique also gives unique views of the city.

Taling Chan Floating Market


Floating markets are commonplace in Thailand, but I had never been to one before and I thought it was pretty awesome. These markets sell anything and everything from food, clothes, tchotchkes and more. It’s not everyday when you can order fish and have a man catch one right out of the river for you and grill it in front of your eyes. It takes fresh to a whole new meaning.

There is much more to Bangkok than simply the temples and going out and exploring these other aspects gives a better sense of the city and can give a feel for the way Thai people actually live.

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