Photo Essay: Rural Indonesia

Photo essay rural indonesia long

When we went out our big Asia trip about a year and a half ago now (I can’t believe it was so long ago) we spent a fair amount of time in rural Indonesia, both in Ubud up in the mountains, and also in Banyuwangi on Java. To be honest, I never wrote much about Indonesia because I had a terrible experience in Denpasar. We were there twice, once at the beginning of the trip and once at the end, and I resented every second of it. It was crowded, touristy, tacky and the people were ridiculously pushy.

Needless to say, this experience made me not want to write about Indonesia at all. However, after a little bit of time passing, I’m now realizing that not all of Indonesia was bad and I don’t want the crappy bits to overshadow some amazing experiences we had. Our first few days were spent in Ubud and it is beautiful and unlike anything I had ever seen before. Driving around with some locals near Banyuwangi I saw beautiful vistas, rice paddies and tiny villages. I experienced monsoons out in the forest. Some locals took us to where they made red sugar and showed us how they did it.

Not all of Indonesia was bad, and looking back some parts of it were beautiful. I’m very happy that now I can finally appreciate the time I spent there, but I have to say that rural Indonesia gave me a much better impression than the rest. And to be honest, I’d probably return back to this part of the country.

Beach, ocean in Bali, Indonesia
Sunset on the coast
rice paddies, java, Indonesia
Rice Paddies on Java
Rural Java, Indonesia
A village consisting of two houses on Java
Sunrise over the mountains and forest in Ubud, Indonesia
Sunrise in Ubud
Monsoon in Ubud, Indonesia
During a monsoon in Ubud
Rice paddy in Ubud, Indonesia
Rice paddy in Ubud
Sacred Monkey Forest Ubud, Indonesia
Start of the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud
Temple in Ubud, Indonesia
A temple in the middle of the forest in Ubud
Locals making red sugar in Banyuwangi, Indonesia
Locals making red sugar in Banyuwangi, Indonesia
Banana leaves on Java
Banana leaves in the forest on Java
Pathway Java, Indonesia
A pathway in forest on Java
Mount Ijen, Indonesia from the plane aerial
Mount Ijen from the plane on Java
Ubud, Indoensia
Ubud, Indonesia
The calm before the storm, moments before a monsoon in Ubud
Ubud, Indonesia

I’d love to hear about any of your experiences in Indonesia, whether it was rural or not.

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