Photo Essay: Beaches

Today's photo essay theme is beaches. Whether it's Australia, The Netherlands, the Carribean or Asia, there are beautiful beaches everywhere in the world.

I’m super excited to start a new series on the blog today called Photo Essays. My goal is to post these every Wednesday, but we’ll see how that goes. It’s no secret  that I love photography, especially travel photography. Over the course of my many travels I have acquired some fantastic shots of all kinds of things and many of these photos I end up not sharing in my destination posts simply because there are just too many.

I think photo essays are great because they provide a serious case of wanderlust, but they also give people the chance to take a little trip somewhere else while sitting behind their screen. The phrase a picture speaks a thousand words couldn’t be truer, so I’m hoping you all enjoy this new series and enjoy the photos I’ve got to share with you all.

Today’s photo essay is focusing on beaches from around the world. Who doesn’t love a good beach? It’s currently 61 degrees here in Berlin so I like looking at these beautiful photos of oceans somewhere in the world and pretending for a few minutes that I’m there.

Twelve Apostles, Australia beach
Twelve Apostles, Australia
Cancun, Mexico beach
Cancun, Mexico
Mornington Peninsula, Australia beach
Mornington Peninsula, Australia
Dubai, UAE beach
Dubai, UAE
Black Sand Beaches, Auckland, New Zealand
Black Sand Beaches: Auckland, New Zealand
Warrnambool, Australia beach
Warrnambool, Australia
Manly Beach, Sydney, Australia
Manly Beach: Sydney, Australia
Adelaide, Australia beach
Adelaide, Australia
Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
Low Head, Tasmania, Australia beach
Low Head, Tasmania, Australia
St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia beach
St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia
Kuta, Bali, Indonesia beach
Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Playa Medio Mundo Ceiba, Puerto Rico beach
Playa Medio Mundo Ceiba, Puerto Rico
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands beach
St. Croix, US Virgin Islands
The Hague, Netherlands beach
The Hague, Netherlands

I’d love to know what some of the best beaches you all have seen!

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  • I’m very grateful to live within walking distance of the beach here in Malaysia–but someday, I’d love to see the 12 Apostles!

    • That’s awesome, Rachel! Living within walking distance of a beach is really nice. When I lived in Australia I lived just a few minutes from the beach and it was lovely.
      The 12 Apostles is such an amazing thing to see in person, I really hope you make it there one day!

  • Candy Kage

    Your photos are beautiful and tell their own story. Reading about a place is great the photos brings it to life.

  • Sarah Kuziomko

    Beaches are my happy place. I think the most beautiful ones I’ve seen surprisingly were in the Florida Keys. Sea foam water, white sand and few people!

    • Oh I’m sure! I’ve never actually been to the beach in Florida, even though I’ve been there twice. How weird is that? I’ll definitely need to put it on my list!

  • I love the beach and only live about 30 minutes away, but these are much prettier!

    • So jealous, Lauren! I live about four hours from the nearest ocean and that’s the Baltic Sea so it’s quite chilly!

  • Rachel Ritlop

    I absolutely love beaches and am dying to visit these!

    • You should definitely put them on your list, Rachel! They were all so stunning.

  • Now this is my kind of post! Beaches are my favorite! I grew up near the coast here in California and I can’t get enough!

    • So jealous, Adriana! I really like beaches, but I have to say I didn’t grow up super close to one, about three hours away. In a way though, I think that’s why I like them since I haven’t always been around them so they were kind of a novelty for me.

  • Lydia Guanga

    These are gorgeous! I really want to travel to New Zealand in the future because everything there is just so majestically beautiful!

  • Our planet is beautiful. My favorite is St. Croix… maybe once I will chance to travel there with my whole family.

    • Oh I hope you do! It’s such a lovely place with beautiful and secluded beaches. It felt very magical.

  • Such beautiful photos! You’ve been to some wonderful places 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had to see such gorgeous corners of the world!

  • Some lovely beaches. I love powder white beaches. Be nice to have a relax on a good beach. xx

    • Me too, Wendy! It really would, they’re just so relaxing.

  • Ashleigh

    These are all beautiful beaches! I been to many beaches all over the world and it always surprises me how different beaches can be but all still be so pretty. Thank you for sharing these great shots!

    • Thanks, Ashleigh! That’s so true, beaches are so different in every country but I think it’s a beautiful metaphor: the same but different. Could be applied to a lot of things in our world right now.

  • This post definitely sparked my wanderlust! I love a good beach day.

    • Thanks, Emily! Me too, a nice day on the beach is great. Even if I do need to lather myself up in a bottle of 50 SPF sunscreen to do so haha.

  • Jessica Rose

    Just moved to Cali, this makes me want to walk the three miles to beach, ASAP! Love the idea of photo essays, looking forward to your next one!

    • Congrats, Jessica! Three miles is nothing haha! You could totally do that without a problem 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

  • These are gorgeous! I love all the different beaches you featured. 🙂

  • Beautiful photos! I would love to visit all of these places 🙂

    • Thanks, Kim! You totally should, they were all such amazing places with much more to them than the beach.

  • all of these beaches are so stunning!

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