7 Must-See Cities To Visit Worldwide

With so many cities to visit around the world, it can be hard to prioritize. To help you make your list, read about my favorite 7 cities to visit and why.

While traveling is amazing and the greatest gift anyone could ask for, there are simply so many places in the world it can be hard to determine what cities to visit. Although I’ve been to so many places already, my list of countries and cities I want to visit is pages long.

Deciding where to go on your next trip can be a big commitment, so I’ve put together my seven favorite cities in the visit and why I love them as much as I do. Be sure to click through each section to the corresponding destination guide if you’re interested in going!

7 Amazing Cities To Visit

Without further ado, here are my favorite cities around the world that honestly I would, and have, keep going back to over and over again.


Melbourne, Australia by night

It’s no secret that Melbourne completely stole my heart when I lived there for a year on the Australian working holiday visa. I love visiting Australia in general, but there’s just something about Melbourne. The architecture, the food, the vibe; I just love it all.

I think what makes Melbourne so amazing for me is that it’s got everything you could want in a city from amazing museums and exhibitions, great restaurants and bars, a thriving city vibe but also a beach area as well. Seeing as I’m not much of a beach bunny, Melbourne is the perfect Australian city for me.

Sydney is usually the first place on people’s lists for Australia, but don’t be fooled–Melbourne is just as amazing, if not more.


Singapore Supertrees

While I love rural parts of Asia because of their natural beauty, there’s something about Singapore that just really grabs me. I’ve been to Singapore twice now and I loved it even more the second time I went.

Singapore is an incredibly clean city and this may sound like an odd observation, but it feels clean and orderly without feeling sterile. It’s got such awesome architecture and lots of green space. However, what really gets me about Singapore is the fusion of technology and nature.

The Supertrees in the above photo are part of Gardens by the Bay and are manmade solar-powered trees that act as vertical gardens and help flora grow. They convert sunlight into energy like any natural plant and have so many benefits. And that’s only the start of what Singapore offers.


London Westminster and London Eye

Of all cities to visit, London may be one of the most stereotypical cities to add to this list, but for good reason. From the first time I visited London in 2012, I fell in love. I love the ever-changing skyline, buildings older than my own country interspersed between new buildings with bold architecture and I love how it’s constantly bustling.

London has so many amazing things to offer and whether you’re there for just one day or for a whole month, you’ll never be bored. London is one of those cities I will return to again and again, will probably still not see everything and certainly never tire of.


Wellington, New Zealand

When we went on our one week New Zealand road trip, I didn’t expect to love Wellington as much as I did. Sure the city is crazy windy, but it’s also crazy beautiful. With vistas of mountains and ocean and a city skyline it was hard to not fall completely in love.

I love cities that are bustling but still have quiet, stunning areas to observe the scenery and Wellington has just that. The Botanic Gardens look out over the city and the water and you could walk for hours and still not get through all of the gardens. I would return to Wellington in a heartbeat.


Bangkok, Thailand Temples

Bangkok is one of those cities that had been on the top of my travel bucket list for years. For some reason the city just appealed to me so much and when I finally went in 2014, I was not disappointed. Since then, I’ve even returned and loved it even more.

Bangkok is a chaotic city, but that’s what makes it so fun. I love the street food, the noises, the smells, the traffic (mainly because taking the MRT or BTS you rarely have to deal with it) and I absolutely love the temples. I’m no religious person, but there’s something special about walking into a completely silent temple, away from the busy streets, standing on the cold marble floors and looking at gold-encrusted Buddhas to really make you think.

Buddhas in Bangkok, Thailand Temple

Bonus: Pranburi makes for an authetic and off beat travel destination. Check out this in-depth Pranburi, Thaniland travel guide.


Berlin, Germany skyline

I couldn’t have a list of my favorite cities to visit without including a city I lived in for over a year. Berlin will always have a special place in my heart because it’s where Michael and I met, but it’s an amazing city in its own right.

Berlin may not be the most beautiful city, but the history there is just so incredible and seeing some of it firsthand can take your breath away. Seeing the Berlin Wall or where Hitler’s bunker used to be are incredible experiences that compare to nothing else.


Grand Place Brussels, Belgium

To finish off this list is the city that really began my love for travel. It wasn’t until I studied abroad in Brussels that I found how much I loved visiting new places totally different to what I was used to. However, despite my sentimental feelings about Brussels, it’s still an amazing city to visit in its own right.

Not only is it so important to the political climate of Europe, but Grand Place is the kind of architecture that takes your breath away. There’s amazing shopping, amazing architecture and let’s be real: a city that is known for fries, chocolate and beer is a pretty superior city.

While there are so many other incredible cities to visit out there, these seven are my absolute favorite and are my top recommendations. What are your favorite cities to visit?

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