Top Temples in Bangkok

There are temples on practically every street corner all throughout Thailand, but here are my top four favorite temples. They’re not necessarily the most well known, but that means they’re not overrun by tourists. They’re beautiful and I really was able to see what temples are about—spirituality, peacefulness and a place for deep thought; not posing next to Buddah pretending you’re best buds. You can also take a stroll around Bangkok to see even more awesome sights.

Wat Saket


Although not the most obscure temple in Bangkok, I love Wat Saket because it is really striking. It’s not like the average temple, it’s a giant gold mountain with a giant Buddah on top. Although there are quite a lot of steps to the top it is definitely worth for the view and the impressiveness of the giant Buddah.

Wat Ratchanadda


When I went to Wat Ratchanadda I originally thought I was at Wat Benchamabophit. I stumbled upon it while going to Taling Chan Floating Market and I loved it because it was practically deserted. Not being around other tourists really gave me the chance to explore the temple and the grounds. I even was able to go into one and walk around. I walked through empty hallway after hallway lined with golden Buddahs, barefoot, with the breeze gently blowing in through the many open windows. It was much better than Wat Benchamabophit.

 Wat Traimit


 Wat Traimit is in Chinatown and houses the Golden Buddah. I didn’t have a chance to go inside because I wasn’t dressed appropriately for Temple visiting that day, however, the outside of the temple is beautiful and the gold spires glisten in the sun. There was hardly anyone around when I went and it gave me time to admire it without getting in anyone’s way.

 Wat Arun


 Also known as the Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun is not an obscure temple, but is my favorite. I love it because it doesn’t follow the conventional strereotype of what a temple should like. It’s unlike anything else in the city and more closely resembles Angkor Wat than anything in Thailand. It is intricate, beautiful and each depression has aged with time. It provides amazing views from the top, and although climbing the stairs felt more like rock climbing it was totally worth it.

All of the temples in Bangkok are impressive and magnificent, but I find the ones with fewer tourists offer a more interactive and candid experience.

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