5 Things to Travel With

While traveling it can sometimes be hard to think ahead to all the things you should have handy en route to make sure you don’t hold up lines or ending up asking your seat-mate to borrow a pen for your landing card. Here are the top five things I like to keep close to me on my travels.

  • My passport: This is kind of obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people I see in airports rummaging around their bags looking for the single most important document they carry. Just don’t be that person.
  • An itinerary: A lot of countries like to see proof of onward flights or where you’ll be staying, so this is a safe way to make sure you can provide all details and satisfy the immigration officer.
  • A SIM card and paperclip: If applicable, I like to make sure I have that country’s SIM card on me so I can change before I even get off the plane. The paperclip is to open the SIM slot on my phone.
  • A pen: It’s always a good idea to keep a pen on you anyway, but almost anywhere you go you’ll have to fill out a landing or entry card and it’s best to just be prepared.
  • A jacket or fleece and a pair of socks: I get really cold easily and planes tend to be kept at a cooler temperature than most people would call comfortable, so especially on long-haul flights it’s good to avoid turning into an icicle.

What are some things you guys like to keep on you at all times while traveling? Comment below!

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