Photo Essay: Wildlife

This week's photo essay's theme is wildlife. Sometimes there's nothing more amazing than seeing wildlife in their natural habitat.

I’m really excited for my second photo essay series with the theme of wildlife. When traveling, I love beautiful vistas, amazing architecture, impressive cityscapes and local food, but one thing I also love is the wildlife. I don’t do that many off the beaten path trips, so wildlife isn’t something that I see nearly as much as someone who might camp or go hiking or backpack through Asia.

However, I’ve seen some pretty awesome wildlife over the past couple of years, whether it was in Australia, the US or even Asia. Although I have to say, it took a lot of self-control to not just include a million photos of koalas and wallabies in this post.

Monkey in the Sacred Monkey Forest. Ubud, Indonesia
Monkey in the Sacred Monkey Forest. Ubud, Indonesia
Washed-up starfish in St. Kilda, Melbourne, Australia
Starfish on the beach in Melbourne, Australia
Joey wallaby, Adelaide, Australia
A resting joey in Australia
Kangaroo munching on grass in Australia
Wild kangaroo by Melbourne Airport
Pelican in Adelaide, Australia
Pelican in Australia
Koala on branch in Adelaide, Australia
Koala in Australia
Dingo on a rusted, old car in Australia.
Dingo in Australia
Smiling quokka in Australia
Smiling quokka in Australia
Cockatoo in Australia
Cockatoo in Australia
Wombat in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia
Wombat in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia
Pademelon in Tasmania, Australia
A pademelon hiding in the Bush in Tasmania, Australia
Black Swan in Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia
Black Swan in Melbourne, Australia
Three seagulls on the coast
The Three Amigos
Bird ruffles feathers in a park in Melbourne, Australia
A bird having a bath in Melbourne, Australia
The Little Penguin native to Melbourne, Australia
The Little Penguin native to Melbourne, Australia
Rainbow lorikeet sings in Australia
Rainbow lorikeet sings in Australia

Sometimes there’s nothing more impressive than wildlife. What are some of the most amazing animals you’ve seen in the wild?

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  • Love that starfish shot! Where we live, we see monkeys everyday, they can be quite a bit of a nuisance–but in a photo, they look pretty cool. I just don’t like them on my car, haha!

    • Thanks, Rachel! Hahaha that just made me laugh real hard. They are definitely a nuisance. One tried to open my purse and another tried to steal my sunglasses. I can’t even imagine actually living with them every day!

  • Such amazing pictures 🙂 That kangaroo was looking right at you. I love when animals do that.

    • Me too! It was awesome. He (or she) was just sitting there looking right at me chewing away at the grass, it was so cool.

  • Lynda@fitnessmomwinecountry

    Hanna, what amazing photos. You have seen some beautiful places no doubt.

    • Thank you, Lynda! I love these photos because they remind me of the all the cool and exotic places I’ve been and amazing things I’ve seen.

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    These photos are so beautiful! Animals are stunning! Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! They really are, no doubt. It always makes it even more spectacular to see something more exotic in the wild rather than a zoo as well.

  • Great photos!! Looks like an amazing place!!

    • Thank you, Rachel! All of the places these photos were taken in were awesome places 🙂

  • sheismelrose

    This is so cool I want to go

  • Terryn Winfield

    You took all of those! That is so amazing, I wish I could see just some of those in person. I would love to go to Australia someday, but studying it with my kids will suffice for now.

    • Thank you, Terryn! It is such an incredible country, if you ever have the opportunity you totally should.

  • Beautiful photos! I love the starfish and the black swan!

    • Thank you, Lauren! The black swans were so pretty but pretty evil! Lol.

  • These are some beautiful photos! Love wildlife photos. I grew up them being some of my favorites.

  • Marissa Pedersen

    These pictures are amazing! Beautiful job.

  • Pack Your Baguios

    Gorgeous photos! I love all of the colors of the birds!

  • Christy Fleener

    These are gorgeous photos! I’ve seen some of these in a zoo but it would be awesome to see them in the wild

  • So many beautiful photos!

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