7 Packing Tips For Easy Organization And Efficiency

*This post is sponsored by Fit In Clouds foldable flats, but, of course, all opinions are my own. 

When packing it's easy to lose things or to use your space inefficiently, so here are 7 packing tips for easy organization and space efficiency.

I wrote before about packing tips for traveling with only a carry on and it did so well I decided to write a second packing tips post on how to be organized and use your suitcase’s space efficiently for easy transportation and for ease of use once you get to the other end. When it comes to packing, unfortunately, just throwing everything in there haphazardly is not really a good way to utilize your space and fit in as much as possible. It’s also really easy to lose stuff in the bottom and not know where everything is. It is like a giant purse after all.

Luckily, there are many packing tips and tricks you can use that will improve your overall organization and efficiency that are so easy to implement, without needing to go out and buy other things like packing cubes.

Jewelry And Straws


I don’t normally travel with a lot of jewelry, but when I do I hate that it’s so small it easily gets lost and even more easily gets tangled. Whether it’s necklaces or bracelets, jewelry can be a tedious thing to travel with, but there’s a way to avoid this mess.

By putting a straw through the chain, you prevent it from tangling with any other items in the bag so you can easily double pack into one jewelry bag. This is obviously space efficient, but it also can save you so much time at the other end since you won’t need to detangle.

Utilize Shoe Space

Shoes are easily the most annoying thing to pack because they take up so much space and you can’t just roll them up like you would for a pair of pants. Instead, to save a bit of space, put the shoes sole to sole and then wrap them up in a bag to keep your clothes clean. This takes up far less space than if you were to put them in just side by side. Much like you would when purchasing a pair of shoes to get them to fit into the box, storing them this way makes them take up far less space.


Another thing shoes are great for is stuffing in socks and underwear. Not only does this take dead, empty space and turn it into another area to put clothing, but it also helps your shoes keep their shape in a bag. It’s usually best to put the shoes at the bottom of the suitcase so the soles are facing downwards and away from the clothes, even if they are in a bag you can never be too sure. Because of this they tend to get squashed, so stuffing them with other stuff has a double benefit when it comes to packing.


Additionally, when you’re traveling it can be hard to decide what shoes to bring. Obviously you want the necessary shoes for what you’ll be traveling for, but you also have to decide which ones to take that are the most space efficient. That’s where these awesome foldable flats by Fit In Clouds come in super handy. I love foldable flats because they’re the perfect shoe that can be dressed up or dressed down, but then they fold up to take up as little space in my suitcase as possible. That’s more important than anything.

Color Code Liquid Bag

When it comes to my liquid bag, it’s usually filled to the brim because I have so many components to my beauty routine. While it’s not really a lot of stuff to use in general, when packing, every extra thing can seem like a burden. For me, I love these Ikea liquid bottles. Not only are they super cheap, but I love how using them is not like playing Tetris. Because they’re all the same shape, I can easily fit them into my bag without worrying that corners poking out will tear it.


I also love how they’re all different colors. I use each color for a specific product, which makes my organization so much better. I don’t have to open each one and look at it and smell it to know what it is. I can also just glance at my liquid bag and know exactly what’s in there and what I’m missing.

This will not only make packing easier, but it will also making getting ready at the other end simpler as well.

Have A Charger Pouch

I use pouches for everything I can while traveling because it makes everything so much neater and easier to find. Chargers are definitely no different, as they have an annoying ability to dig themselves deep into your bag where you can’t find them. I have a little black pouch that can easily be squished and compressed to keep my phone and iPad charger in, as well as a laptop charger if I’m bringing it with me.


This packing tip has saved me so much time trying to find my chargers at the hotel or at airports and I never once have had a tangled charger.

Pack A Laundry Bag

For some reason people always seem to forget about this, but I don’t even know what I would do without it. Not only does a laundry bag keep your clean clothes away from your dirty ones, but it also helps keep you organized during your trip. If you’re going on a longer trip, there’s a good chance you’ll be doing a load of laundry at some point, so being able to just grab your bag and go and know it’s all there is a big time saver.

At the end of a trip, I always put the laundry bag at the bottom of the bag with the shoes and shove and squish it and make it as tiny as possible. I don’t care how the clothes are in there since they’ll just be put straight in the washer as soon as I get home.


You don’t need an actual hamper when you travel, just a simple grocery bag will do. I use this laundry bag I got from the Park Hyatt Sydney a little over a year ago because it’s sturdy but super lightweight and easy to fold up and stick in my suitcase pocket.

Roll, Roll, Roll

I could give you all the packing tips in the world, but it wouldn’t make as much difference as rolling your clothes can when it comes to space efficiency. While there’s a huge debate about what’s best- rolling or folding, I remain that rolling is the best way to save space in your suitcase. Rolling your clothes as tightly as possible and then packing them in side by side will save tons of space in your bag, and if you roll neatly you’ll also minimize wrinkles.


There is a reason why blankets in stores are always rolled on the racks and it’s not just because it looks nice. Rolling your clothes is one of the best packing tips you could implement to save yourself space.

Use Ziplock Bags For Miscellaneous

I do have a little bag with zipped sections where I keep medicine, toothbrushes, razors, spare contacts and stuff like that, but if you haven’t got one a Ziplock bag is a great low-cost and easy option. Just throw your miscellaneous stuff in there so it doesn’t get lost, and you can also squeeze out all the extra air to make it as flat as possible. Then, you can just fit it down any side of the suitcase where you have a bit of space.

It’s good to have this miscellaneous bag so you don’t have lots of small loose items floating around your suitcase because that will not only be irritating, but it also makes it so easy to lose things. It’s always a good idea to bring a spare Ziplock with you just in case you lose yours, it breaks or you acquire other random little things while traveling that you want to keep separate from stuff.

Packing Tips Matter

Everyone has a different way that they like to pack and that’s totally ok. Whatever works for you, that’s what you should do. However, some packing tips are incredibly useful and can actually save you so much space and time, so while they’re just tips, it can be really useful to implement them into your packing routine.

Packing can be a tedious process, but with some practice and good organization, it will no longer feel like a burden and you’ll be a pro at traveling efficiently and organizationally.

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