How To Wear Your Travels: Olive Yew Jewelry

This post is sponsored by Olive Yew but, of course, all opinions are my own! #ad 

Olive Yew Jewelry, based in North Carolina, produces beautifully-made engraved pieces of jewelry that I am IN LOVE with. Featuring their map necklaces.

It’s no secret that I miss Australia like crazy and I usually look back at my photos pretty frequently, wishing I could go back. I won’t lie, I compare my apartment here in Berlin to my apartment in Australia, as well as the places I eat out and the places I shop. It’s not a good habit, but Australia has stayed with me and will always have a special place in my heart– which is why I was so incredibly excited to team up with Olive Yew and their new, amazing, map necklaces.


Based in Charlotte, North Carolina and started by Angela, Olive Yew’s jewelry specializes in engraving, is incredibly beautiful and these map necklaces are everything I ever could have wanted. Let me explain. When you purchase one of these necklaces you provide an address, anywhere in the world, and they carve a map into the necklace with a heart in the place of the specific address you provided. I was over the moon with this idea and I knew immediately that I wanted to have my address in Australia printed on this necklace.

They start at $60 each, which is a little pricey for a necklace, but you are absolutely paying for quality. They come in silver ($60), gold ($70) and rose gold ($75) and you can choose between a horizontal, vertical or circle charm. When I opened the box I couldn’t believe the detail and quality in such a tiny little item. It feels like something expensive and delicate and I could truly see the resemblance between the street layout of my Australian address and what was on this necklace.


I must say, I have worn this pretty much every single day since I received it in the mail and have had more than a few compliments on it–including one during a job interview I had! I think what I love so much about these necklaces aren’t just the quality, but the concept behind them. Everyone has a special address they want to remember–whether it’s somewhere you used to live (like me), where you met your significant other, or even the place you used to work, and it’s awesome to have the ability to wear this around your neck as a constant reminder to it.

I opted for the rose gold, but all of the colors are stunning. I’m not huge on big jewelry statements, and even when I’m going out to fancy events (which, given, is quite rare) I don’t usually want to wear big, bulky or show-offy jewelry items– I don’t even have pierced ears. So I’m even more in love with how easily this single necklace can be dressed down or dressed up as well. I’ve paired it with just a t-shirt and shorts, as well as a blouse and skirt and it works perfectly with both kinds of outfits. Plus, the fact it’s clearly a map with a point of interest can be a great topic of conversation, and just in general is pretty intriguing.


The only downside I have to this necklace is the clasp– which has less to do with the clasp and more to do with my, although small and dainty, very clumsy hands. It’s quite small so I’ve struggled a little to put it together which may be a little embarrassing to admit, but it’s definitely doable. And if that’s the biggest downside to this, then I have to say that’s pretty darn good.

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They were kind enough to include this super sweet Father’s Day keychain as well, and although it’s too late for this Father’s Day– it’s never too early to plan ahead. Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea for the father who has it all because it’s personalized and actually quite useful, while being sentimental at the same time.


If this map necklace isn’t up your alley or is out of your price range, fear not, because the selection of things you can buy from Olive Yew is extensive and I have no doubt that it will all be just as high quality as this, and all at varying price points. Other awesome options to choose from are these letter necklaces, these gorgeous textured bangles which come in sets of three and these feathered bracelets which I can only imagine could belong to a fairy. If you’re more into earrings and rings, Olive Yew covers you there too, with my personal favorites including these tiny hoop earrings and bird ring.

There are few accessories I love as much as this and there’s nothing better than a great quality piece of versatile jewelry. Although I received this necklace for free in exchange for an honest review, I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase it myself, as with anything else in their store.

Although handmade, Etsy-style jewelry is all the rage, Olive Yew really lives up to expectations with amazing quality, detail and just pure awesomeness. I think you’ll find me wearing this necklace obsessively for quite some time now.

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