21 Photos to Convince You to Visit Prague

If you're on the fence about Prague, these 21 photos will absolutely convince you to visit Prague. This Czech city is stunning and rich in history. With some pretty delicious food. Heard of a trdelník? No? Click through and fulfill your dessert dreams.

If you aren’t sure if you should visit Prague, these photos will surely convince you to visit Prague. The first time I traveled to Prague was as a student studying abroad in Brussels.

I won’t lie. I hated it! But not because of the city. We were unfortunate enough to have got bedbugs somewhere along the trip and I was in utter agony. It was foggy and cold and I didn’t prepare well. I’m not as good a packer as I am now and I stupidly thought spring would be warm in Prague. Wrong! At least this time.

Nonetheless, I can see Prague for what it really is now – which is beautiful, unique and rich in history. Prepare for me to convince you to visit Prague, a city which will not disappoint. Czech it out! (I amuse myself.)

Prague Charles Bridge

I have to say there, being there during Easter was pretty cool. In the US we never did anything super remarkable for Easter. You’d find a lot of chocolate and rabbits (stuffed and otherwise) all around, but we never did decorations quite like this! I particularly enjoyed the giant egg in the middle of the Old Town Square.

Can you imagine painting that egg?? I can’t even paint a stick figure, let alone a beautiful landscape on a cylindrical object.

Prague Castle

If you’re going to Prague you absolutely must visit the Prague Castle. It’s more than just a castle because you also gain access to all of the buildings surrounding it and it’s like its own little village. At this point in my travels I’d never seen anything like it! It easily took us an entire day to explore there.

Entry is approximately $17, which is a little pricey, but it makes sense with how much you can access with it and how long you can spend there.

Prague Cityscape Shrouded in Fog


This incredible beauty that’s making your mouth water is called a trdelník and it was the most amazing thing I discovered in this city. A trdelník alone is enough to convince you to visit Prague. It’s basically dough that’s been rolled onto a stick and then is stuck on a grill to then be rolled in sugar or cinnamon sugar. I got mine with Nutella in it and I’ve never been more satisfied.

This photo inspires me to go back to Prague!

Stall selling Czech sweets and drinks

All of the stalls around the Old Town Square for the Easter market were selling so many cool things! I did consider buying some stuff to drink, but I didn’t and I genuinely have no idea why. Would it be crazy to fly to Prague for a weekend to get some? Probably. Won’t stop me though!

Inside Prague Castle - stairway in old stone with painting on ceiling

Dead end street in Prague with colorful architecture

Statue in Prague square

Old Town Square with cobblestones and tall, spikey architecture in many colors

I have to say, I’m willing to give Prague a second chance after reliving this trip through my photos! I hope these photos convince you to visit Prague and give it a chance when I didn’t. Which photo is your favorite? If you’ve been to Prague, I’d love to hear any tips you have for a second visit!

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