Experience Nature And Wildlife At Cradle Mountain Highlanders Cabins

Read about the Highlanders Cabins in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania in Australia.

While living in Australia, one of my favorite trips was when we went to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. This area of Tasmania is beautiful and rich with wildlife. There are a  couple of places to stay in the area, but without a doubt the Cradle Mountain Highlanders cabins take the cake.

The Highlanders cabins are one of the first properties you come across when you arrive into Cradle Mountain and the property is just as beautiful as the rest of the area and the amount of wildlife we saw was truly incredible.

Highlanders Cabin Review

I’ll talk about everything from the cabin itself to the location and price and then give my rating at the end.

The Cabin

The cabin itself is very well made and feels really rustic. Each cabin is given a cute name and ours was fittingly called The Wombat, since wombats are plentiful in Cradle Mountain. All of the cabins are complete with a small kitchen so you’re able to cook for yourself while you stay there. Although, there isn’t much you can buy in the way of groceries nearby so you may need to plan in advance.

There’s a great sitting area with a TV and a large wooden dining table that’s perfect for having your meals on. The bed was really comfy and came with a heated blanket, a feature that is very necessary in the winter. We were there in the winter and without it I would have been really cold. I loved how the cabins all have wood burning stoves because those are quite rare nowadays. Personally, I’d never used one before, so it was rather exciting.

The only thing I didn’t like about the wood burning stove was that it’s quite difficult to get it going and keep it going. Although you’re given the fire lighters, wood and everything else you’d need, it takes some skill to get it just right. Lighting the fire in itself was a challenge, but figuring how much we had to keep the vent open without it burning out was probably the hardest thing.

Ours went out in the middle of the night and when I woke up I was freezing. I will admit that was our own fault, but you just need to be prepared to light your own fire and be able to keep it going.

The bathroom was very spacious and had a relatively large shower stall. The bathroom also has heated lamps, which is an excellent feature for the winter. I can safely say they work wonders. Seeing as the heat from the main part of the cabin doesn’t reach the bathroom, it’s definitely necessary.

The cabins have lovely porches that are great for sitting outside and watching wildlife or having your coffee in the morning. The porch also has some extra firewood so you don’t need to walk to the big shed to get some if you run out.

The Grounds

There aren’t too many cabins so you don’t feel overcrowded with people and you can really feel at one with nature. There are lots of small walks around the property that feel just as wild as hiking in the forest.

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I think what I loved so much about these cabins was how well they catered for your needs while still feeling secluded. It’s certainly not somewhere that’s over commercialized and that was refreshing. The cabins just blend into their surroundings as though they’re part of nature.

There’s also a great area for barbecuing, but unfortunately we didn’t get to use it since we were there in the dead of winter.

There’s plenty of firewood should you find you’ve run out, and they even give you a wheelbarrow to help take it to your cabin if it’s quite far away.

The Location

The best part about the Highlanders cabins is the location. It’s within a 15 minute drive of The Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park where there are tons of walks ranging in difficulty. Some of the walks are very flat and short whereas others are several miles long and include a bit of climbing. At the visitors center you can get a map that will tell you all about the different walks and levels of difficulty.

In less than half an hour, you can get to Dove Lake, the main focal point for Cradle Mountain. The drive there through the park is beautiful and you have tons of hiking options. The lake itself also has a circuit route that you can walk.

Dove Lake Cradle Mountain, Tasmania Australia

If you find yourself unable to make an adequate dinner, you’re only 10 or 15 minutes away from the Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge, which has a lovely restaurant with hearty, delicious food at a very reasonable price.


Rates for the Highlanders cabins are incredibly affordable, which makes it one of the best options in Cradle Mountain. Prices start at AU$135, but it depends how many people will be staying in the cabin and whether you’re going in peak season or low season.

Would I Return?

Absolutely. Overall, the Cradle Mountain Highlanders cabins were excellent. Although I found it difficult with the wood burning stove, it was cozy and had everything we could want. The grounds were spectacular and the location was truly unbeatable. We had very little contact with staff, but the people at reception were lovely and are always happy to give you pointers or advice during your stay.

My Rating:


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