How To Visit Cradle Mountain, Tasmania

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As many of you know, I’m in New Zealand right now, but even though I won’t have the time to write posts until I get back I don’t want to leave you all with nothing, so here’s a post I kept meaning to write about Tasmania, because I love Tasmania and it’s easily my favorite part of Australia.

We’d gone to Tasmania before, but just Launceston, which is the second biggest city after Hobart and at the top of the state. However, we really wanted to go back and see as much as possible so we flew into Launceston, rented a car and drove to Cradle Mountain, then onwards to Hobart. It was such an amazing trip and was so unbelievably gorgeous.

The drive to Cradle Mountain is a bit rough, with lots of hair pin turns and narrow roads. But it did make for an exciting adventure, plus we had spectacular mountainous views for part of it.


Shortly after arriving in the Cradle Mountain area we saw an adorable little wombat off to the side of road and I was so excited because I’d never seen a wild one before and I totally love them. Cradle Mountain is great for wildlife because they have a huge population of wombats and something called a pademelon, which is a bit like a wallaby.

We were staying at the Cradle Mountain Highlanders Cottages, which was an amazing choice because the cabin was in a fantastic location (where we saw even more wild wombats) and was equipped with a kitchenette and a really cool wood-burning stove– something you definitely don’t see much. We struggled a little bit to keep it lit, but once it got going the place was incredibly cozy.


The Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park was definitely the best part of the trip. There are lots of walks, ranging from short and easy to long and difficult, with absolutely magical views of rivers, waterfalls, lakes, forests and more. We didn’t see any wombats on the trails because they tend to come out at dusk and it wasn’t quite dusk yet, but we did see a pademelon that we initially mistook for a wallaby.



The rivers and creeks were so stunning and I would go back in a heartbeat if I could. The trails were almost silent and you could hear every single rustle of leaves, increasing the chances of seeing wildlife. It honestly looked like something out a fairytale instead of real life.




As we were leaving the park we lucked out and saw a wombat munching on some grass by the parking lot and he happily munched away while I stood there and stupidly took a million photos of him/her. I couldn’t help it because honestly, look how cute they are.


As if we hadn’t seen enough wildlife, we went out after dark by our cabins and saw so many pademelons. We were using the flashlights on our iPhones (which aren’t very strong) but we just moved them around the clearing and saw dozens of glowing eyes looking back at us, so we were basically surrounded by pademelons. They don’t do anything, they’re quite docile, but if you had no idea what they were or knew nothing about them you’d be totally terrified.

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I’d never seen so much wildlife in one place before, and especially living in a city I’m not used to it, so it was very novel.

The next day we got up early, checked out, then bought the day passes to the park and went in and drove down to Dove Lake, which was beautiful. It was a gorgeous day once again so it made the scenery even more amazing. There were quite a few tourists at Dove Lake, but nothing compared to most tourist attractions, so we got to enjoy it in all of its natural beauty. There is a trail around the lake but we didn’t have time to do it, although I’m sure it was lovely.


After that we drove down to Hobart, but that’s for another post!

Tasmania is wild, serene, beautiful and incredible. If you’re ever making the trip to Australia you really shouldn’t pass it up because it is easily the most beautiful place I’ve ever been, and Cradle Mountain is one of the most fun, authentic places I’ve been to in a long time.

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